St Mary's Hospital London And Imperial College Healthcare

There's something about St. Mary's - there most certainly is. St. Mary's hospital in London serves hundreds of thousands of patients each year both those resident in the UK and those seeking out professional healthcare treatments as a health tourist. Situated within easy reach of Paddington Station, St Mary's can be located on Praed Street. It is served well by local transport both buses, underground and overground trains. Parking is very limited however so be sure to plan your journey well in advance.

You may have read recently that the hospital is famed for Royal Births, most recently that of the future King's song and the Duchess of Cambridge's little boy George. However he wasn't the first and hopefully won't be the last. If the Queen can trust their services and care then you can too! This hospital is world renowned for two specific services. As a general acute hospital at its heart, it also caters for and has specialist wings for paediatrics and another for sexual health.

These encompass a dedicated Children's accident and emergency department and the Jefferiss Wing Sexual Health Clinic. Both are scientifically active in the latest research and utilise the most advanced surgery and equipment possible. For those visiting and staying over night you can access a variety of restaurants throughout the day and an internet cafe if you need to use the internet. And while there are pay to view televisions and internet access on some bed facilities, you can also access a daily library trolley and a weekly activities trolley.

  • Health News and Advice

    For many people, maintaining their health is a concern that they take very seriously. In our modern world full of pollution, fast food, stress and a sedentary lifestyle, many aspects of our lifestyle are unavoidable, but understanding what to avoid, and about safer alternatives, can still bring individuals immense value. Monitoring various health news streams can help with this, and they will also provide further information on how to take care of yourself better, and about new medical technology and health practices which are currently in the pipeline.

  • Updates on New Research and Treatments

    A lot of health concerns do now have some treatment options, but these are still largely ineffective in a number of areas. For a number of illnesses where the treatment options are unlikely to offer a cure or provides a cure but with a number of side effects, following medicatal news can give hope to a lot of people, as even now new treatments are being invented all of the time.

  • Managing your Diet and Keeping Fit

    Two of the biggest issues which hospitals and health care in general have to worry about are the ageing population and avoidable conditions of the wider population, such as obesity. Thankfully so long as we are able to promote positive choices, a lot of these issues can be overcome. For this, promoting good diets through dietary advice and physical fitness through fitness trainers can be highly effective, and through NHS sponsorship we can actually save money by preventing more serious conditions.


The hospital deals with emergencies on a daily basis and has a fully functioning accident and emergency ward. However their services to the general public are more wide reaching, both for consultancy and treatment and then surgery if necessary. Some of the vital services within the NHS at St. Mary's hospital London include Gynaecology, Cancer services and care, Cardiology, paediatrics. urgent care centres, Imaging facilities and a Maternity unit as recently demonstrated by George Windsor's birth.

As well as all of the above, you can gain access to high quality service from their Neurology and Pathology departments. The latter dealing with Histopathology and Cytology, both furthering the advancement and knowledge of disease in individual cells as well as investigating tissue samples from biopsies.

St. Mary's hospital is open to both NHS patients as well as private patients and has specific facilities open to all to make your stay as comfortable as possible in your time of need.